a kind of organized chaos

Candy Circuit Boards

I made this chocolate candy circuit board for my boyfriend James' birthday cake. I originally wanted to make a gingerbread Makerbot, but not having the time or kitchen space I decided to give these a go. It started off being loosely-VERY loosely based on an the iphone circuit board but I definutely made some... improvements. I had a lot of tips from these fine snack ppl. Thanks to my friend Erica, who helped me make a batch of mini circuit boards for all to enjoy, and who lent me her kitchen to ensure it was an awesome surprise for James.

Sloth <3

Hurray for sloths! One of these days I'm heading to Costa Rica. They have 2 of my fav things: sloths and coffee.

Ralph Shaw:Ukulele extraordinaire

Ralph played ukulele for over an hour while we all drew at Hawaiian lifedrawing. "Humu humu Nuku nuku Apua'a," was part of a song he tried to teach us. Apparently its a really long name for a teeny little fish. He was pretty awesome so I had to get his autograph.

Hawaiian Theme Lifedrawing

Checked out Dr.Sketchy's burlesque lifedrawing today. (those are flower pasties, i didn't get bored, they existed.)

Since it was hawaiian theme they even had a ukulele player!

Ride In The Sky

Ellie is a spunky old lady. She likes spinning, over-sized hair curlers and the colour purple. She lives on an island in the sky with her pet racoon Fritz in a very tall house, surrounded by very tall trees. Every spring she takes Fritz for a little ride.